The Best Advertising Platforms for Your Business.

In early 2020, Australia was introduced to the devastating potential of COVID-19. Little was known about the impact it was going to have on the world, its people, and its economy. Since its outbreak from its origin, day after day has been surrounded by overwhelming uncertainty. Businesses were cutting expenses, making drastically expensive financial decisions in hope of outlasting the pandemic and its inevitable long-term effects. Little is known as to when the world will get back on top of this, and when we’ll begin to recover from the effect of its catastrophic spread. What we do know, is this pandemic is ongoing, and we’ll continue to see its effects in the Australian economy for years to come. It’s impacting every facet of our lives, from the places we can go, to our work, and in turn, the way we spend our money. Australian people now need to be more conscious than ever on how they spend their money, and the same goes for Australian businesses.

However, while caution needs to be observed when looking at expenditures, businesses need to look at how they’re going to recover from this pandemic; and how they’ll let the public know. It’s important that businesses look at how they can communicate to the wider Australian audience, that they mean business. Australian business owners should be thinking NOW about how they can effectively advertise, and through which platform. Working on advertising strategies to target your market has never been more imperative. With COVID-19’s drastic impact on your business, it’s time to recover the traffic you have lost this year. Businesses can’t rely solely on organic long term growth, they need to strategise effective, impactful ways to reach their customer-base. That’s what we’re proposing today! Read on to discover some of the best advertising platforms to re-energise your business and take back what you’ve lost during the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to selecting one of the many advertising platforms available for use, there are a few distinguishing features that may attract you more than another. We understand selecting one can be difficult, that is what we’re going to cover here. What are the best advertising platforms to use in 2020, and what features make them so enticing.

Google Ads

Surprise, surprise. Google Ads has led the industry and outperformed its competition for years, and still excels today. To refocus or even kickstart your advertising strategy post COVID-19 impact, Google Ads is one of the most effective platforms when communicating with your desired target audience. With more than 90% of the search engine market share, Google Ads has the potential for the biggest reach, with the option to focus on detailed targeting. The only downside is this platform may be a little difficult to operate for small businesses or beginners of digital marketing. However, for the long-term benefits it will provide, it’s worth wrapping your head around it. Google Ads capitalise on advertising real estate by showcasing your ads through the search engine and display ads. Converting 50% better than organic search results, and providing an average ROI of 200%. If your business has a strong and impactful message, Google Ads will give you access to 90% of internet users worldwide. It’s benefits far outweigh its costs, giving you strategic control to target your ads based off your selected key criteria, access to measurable data, and complete flexibility of your campaign structure. The platform can tailor for business of all sizes, budgets, and advertising goals. The Google Ads platform continues to be the obvious choice when it comes to digital advertising, and will maintain its dominance heading into 2021.

Microsoft Advertising/Bing Ads

Although Microsoft Ads/Bing Ads has never reached the limits of Google Ads as far as popularity and traffic, Bing still records a noteworthy 6 billion searches a month. Although their user base may be similar, it is still an entirely different platform that attracts a strategically unique customer demographic. Choosing Microsoft Ads would be a tactical move for your business, capitalising on some of the untapped market that Google Ads hasn’t reached. Microsoft Ads tends to attract an older, wealthier audience; with 75% of the users in the 35-54 age bracket, and almost half making $75,000 a year. Don’t disregard Microsoft Ads as an option; although Google Ads attracts more volume, Microsoft is slowly ‘stealing’ some of their traffic. Not all searchers are completely loyal to Google, that is why Bing claims the second largest share of the search market. Not only that, Bing have an average CTR across all industries of 2.83%, marking it 50% higher than Google Ads, and even converting slightly higher. They’re CPC is $1.54 across all industries, making it 33% lower than Google Ads. Essentially, this platform can be considered one of best options when it comes to ‘value for money’. Apart from the attractive figures, Microsoft Ads offers less competition for businesses, and gives you access to Yahoo and AOL search engines as well; making it a strong contender for the top advertising platform of 2020.

Facebook Ads (Instagram)

Whether it be for business or personal use, everybody’s heard of Facebook. With nearly 1.6 billion daily active users worldwide, there isn’t a shortage of eyes on your marketing messages. However, with the platform and user base constantly evolving, it is important to stay on top of the market demographics and your intended target audience. One massive advantage of advertising through Facebook, is it’s highly interactive mobile users (94%) and affiliation with Instagram’s 500 million daily active users. With such an active audience, you can focus on targeting demographics rather than focusing on keywords alone. Facebooks ad campaign targeting is unlike any other, with specific search categories such as ‘behaviour’ and ‘interests’, it pays to know your customer. Although 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners, the platform tends to have a lower buyer intent than that of a Google or Bing Ads. Despite this, Facebook Ads’ major advantage (apart from its overwhelming users) is the versatility and range at which your ads can be utilised onsite. The ability to create visual aids such as images and videos with your interactive user base, gives you the opportunity to really maximise impressions and engagement. From this, Facebook analytics are one of the best, giving you access to precise, measurable data that will greatly inform your strategic decisions for your current and future campaigns. Facebook Ads are also one of the cheapest forms of advertising, with $5 giving you a potential reach of 1000 impressions. If that’s not appealing enough, Facebook can retarget users that once have visited your website, or searched within your industry. With 80% of all internet users on Facebook, logging in a few times every single day, you would be crazy not to consider Facebook Ads for your next campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

Now, LinkedIn being a more B2B focused networking platform, that’s exactly how you’ll want to advertise. Advertise your business, to other businesses. How LinkedIn differs from the other platforms above, is personalised direct message advertisements. This gives the impression, as the name suggests, that your advertising to an individual or business specifically, rather than advertising to the masses. Your ads can be based on industry or location, but can also be specialised to the business size, seniority, skillset, education, qualifications and more. LinkedIn now occupies 675 million monthly users, with 30 million businesses registered. By posting an ad on LinkedIn, you can reach up to 12% of the worlds population; with an average open rate of 52% for sponsored direct mail.  Not only are you targeting employees, but employees in high positions, with 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn that “drive business decisions”. LinkedIn isn’t usually the first platform businesses go to for advertising, but while other businesses are targeting the big-name platforms, saturating and alienating the market, your business could capitalise on LinkedIn’s huge potential. According to Microsoft, LinkedIn’s revenue grew 24% in Q2, 2020. Launching a LinkedIn Ad campaign can be a complex endeavour, but if you have set goals and objectives, you can reach a more professional audience that could land you huge success.

Whether it’s one of the big names like Google Ads or something smaller like LinkedIn Ads, it’s important to assess the business strategy and goals before selecting the appropriate advertising platform. Some are used in best practice based on certain strategies and target markets, whereas others are no brainers that all businesses should be utilising. Whatever the scenario, it’s time your business caught up on lost time and hit back at COVID-19’s impact on your industry, and your business.

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