Email Marketing &
Database Building

Make the most of your contact
base. Capitalise on your
network and target your market
using quality intel that matters.

Building loyal customers or followers without blacklisting your brand.

The bigger your database, the bigger your company value. The usual rule of thumb is 2 x profit for a standard business and more than 10 x profit for a business that has the capacity to build a member database that grows via ‘non-touch’ methods. Generally, the latter requires a platform that can handle simultaneous users joining and enjoying your services with little human involvement. However, not everyone needs a platform - standard businesses also usually seek to grow their database in order to build a war chest of loyal customers or followers as part of their battle plan. What you must realise is that there are now many golden rules a business must follow in order to avoid being blacklisted from national and international servers. In some cases you may be adding friends to your email lists and accidentally breach the rules.

Avoiding 'Black Hat' database building techniques is something that you should not play games with as it is easy to make a mistake without knowing. The penalties are harsh and sometimes irreversible. Consulting professional advice in this area is key.

Potent Email Marketing comes from warming up an audience or network overtime. Knowing the ultimate time of day (to email) with the exact offer or Call To Action (CTA), based on factors you have researched or know about your market, is the right way to go about email marketing or database building.

Sometimes a new product release requires a slow market entry with little noise so that mistakes/learnings can be made and refined before the 'big bang' rolls out. A CEO may wish to ease into the public spotlight and only attract attention when his or her company is ready to scale. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that incorporates email marketing, network and database building as just one component of the overall plan is what we do. So whether it’s list building via marketing campaigns or B2B channel partner deals that build your database via resellers and affiliate marketing. These traceable, critical processes are all part of growing a business and must be managed carefully.

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End-To-End Digital
Marketing Strategy

Why waste money on marketing
a product or service that
doesn’t convert traffic
into customers?
Make data-driven decisions.


Lead Generation
& Conversion

We prioritise converting the highest percentage of leads
to customers, as that's what matters to your bottom line.


Search Engine

The key to search engine
dominance is unlocked with a
tailored SEO plan designed to
improve your organic profile.


Email Marketing &
Database Building

Make the most of your contact
base. Capitalise on your
network and target your market
using quality intel that matters.


Content Marketing
That Works

Diverse on-site and off-site content
marketing strategies geared to
achieve your business goals and
provide long-term digital returns.


Social Media &
Influencer Marketing

We can find the perfect fit for your
business throughout the various
social platforms to
drive more digital results.


Creative Thinking,
Direction & Design

We will design your website so it
positively impacts your bottom line,
not just to look good.


Online Advertising &
Media Buying

Drive instant traffic to your website
and put your
brand in some of
prime real estate.


New Venture
Business Planning

Let us assist in planning your next
business venture
and guide you to achieve
ultimate digital growth.


Web Development,
Hosting & Maintenance

We ensure that your website is built
with the latest technology, safely
hosted and
routinely updated.


Cyber Security
Services & Insurance

With 15+ years in cyber security
strategy and execution, we
make sure that your
online presence is secure.


Growth Capital
For Business

With access to investment and
capital, we are passionate
about seeing businesses
grow their digital profile.

Your own 24/7 Performance Reporting Platform


e-Commerce for all industries. Integrated with Social Marketing.


‘Fear of failure’ is healthy for business.

Improve Your Google Reviews And Let Your Business
Sell Itself


We create fresh, intuitive content
and publish frequently.
We do the work behind the scenes

While You Watch Your Business Grow


20 years experience in providing award-winning digital solutions.

Why We Are Different


We solve the key problems that most SME’s face when choosing a digital team: How do you gain access to a diverse range of critical resources without a huge budget? We provide access to our local, trustworthy, innovative, strategic, accountable face-to-face team whilst also making sure you receive the cost benefit of utilising today’s overseas technical talent marketplace.


With ATM, you deal directly with the owners – putting you on the right path before you spend a dollar. The competition is red hot and relying on a ‘generalist’ or a ‘jack of all trades’ (master of none) simply no longer makes the grade. Successful growth now requires a mix of specialist talent in-order to win – from the initial strategy right through to delivery and ongoing evolution.


The ATM business structure has been designed to make sure you can take full advantage of both our in-house talent and proven external out-house specialists (our JV partners who we manage end-to-end). Throughout the process of growing online, you’ll receive best-in-breed services or nothing. Your IP will never be compromised and our local teams manage everything.

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