Project Synopsis

ProTalent grew to become the world leader in marketing for professional and aspiring talent with members in over 23 countries. Its core service was to provide an end-to-end online solution/education platform that gave individuals the ability to take ownership of their personal brand and project a professional online presence. Specifically targeting the needs of entertainment, executive and and sporting talent. ProTalent provided its members the essential tools required for lead generation, brand building and additional online bookings. Via innovative industry-leading tools, ProTalent assisted talent to understand the power of their personal brand which evolved into many talent becoming social and market influencers today.

Key Accomplishments

The ProTalent platform was built using a variety of front and back-end technologies to facilitate complex business requirements such as an exponential number of concurrent users, exclusive reseller partner areas as well as eCommerce (both for the overarching system and individual sites). With engaging user content, ProTalent was exceptionally search-engine friendly and delivered high levels of organic leads and conversions. Boasting 8 times the industry standard in ‘freemium’ conversions, our team now applies these methodologies to new client business models.

Our team created the end-to-end solution for this brand, from its initial conception in early 2000’s, right through to its unfortunate closure in 2015 due to being targeted by cyber criminals determined to hack the platform. The lessons we learnt in the protection of data as well as the importance of 1st grade cyber security is key to why we have the hands on experience to advise on new and emerging platforms.


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