A Passion For Health

A life of a working model always seems so glamorous. Working on location shoots, wearing the most beautiful clothing and having some of the best glam teams in the world. The sacrifices and genuine push to achieve ‘the dream’ for the most part is incredibly challenging. Imagine going in to see your agent twice a week to be measured. Imagine working out three times a day, everyday to adhere to measurements that the clients require. Imagine refusing to go to lunch with your friends, purely because you cannot see or calculate the ingredients that have gone into each meal. After all this effort, still not meeting the weight and measurements needed to be booked. This was a crippling reality for Instagram model and influencer Steph Claire Smith.

Stephanie fell victim to the destructive forces of modelling industry and pressures of Instagram, which interestingly had a positive impact on launching her career as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. After having a successful modelling career in Australia with Chadwicks, Stephanie moved to America when she was 20, determined to break into the American market. After creating bad dieting behaviours not getting booked despite all her efforts, she came back to Australia with a better understanding of what a healthy diet should look like and a positive set of values on body image.

Stephanie knew she needed to be a role model and make a difference in the fitness and health sector. With the help of fellow model Laura Henshaw, she co-wrote and published the book called ‘Keep It Clean’, which led to the launch of the website ‘Keep It Cleaner’. She used her Instagram following to encourage people to live a positive lifestyle. ‘Keep It Cleaner’ became one of the fastest growing fitness subscriber sites in Australia.

‘Keep It Cleaner’ has a positive affirmation for the week, food suggestions and a wellness hub. This includes workouts that clients can do alongside Steph and Laura. Not only does the site include circuit training and a running tracker, they have introduced Pilates, meditation and yoga. Self-care and taking time to ‘do something for yourself’ is also an important part of the ethos behind the website.

Steph has successfully created ‘Keep It Cleaner’ and has built a positive community that surrounds it. Stephanie is now seen as a fitness model and has a regular client base because of her personality and professionalism. Not because of her body shape and measurements. Steph often says through her Instagram posts and interviews, ‘Your weight doesn’t define you’.

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