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Within the world of health and fitness, the name Kayla Itsines is not just familiar, but also huge cel-ebrated. With her empire now well-established, consisting of a hugely successful app, a website packed with workouts, recipes and advice, and an impressive social cohort, Kayla Itsines is recog-nised as one of the most influential trainers in the world. But how did a girl of just fifteen years of age, wracked with health problems, rise to success in such a competitive industry in just three years?

Itsines was underweight and unhealthy as a child. When she was diagnosed with endometriosis, prospects for her ever regaining health waned. Through surgery, suggestions that she may never bear children, and an overall worsening condition, Itsines struggled immensely. But before surren-dering to the prophecies of her doctors, she decided to do some research online.

There was an overwhelming general consensus that her condition could, in fact, be helped and her symptoms mitigated by becoming healthy, fit and strong. And so Itsines did what she thought was obvious – adopt a new, tailored lifestyle to become those things. Finding herself thoroughly enjoy-ing her new relationship with health and fitness, she decided to make a career of it.

By eighteen, Itsines was a qualified personal trainer and soon began creating her own bespoke equipment and programs specifically suited to her clients. Despite her evident eagerness, she failed to garner the support of her family members, whose opinions Itsines valued so dearly that it nearly convinced her to abandon her course.

But it soon became apparent that her work was more than just the beginning of a great career. It was a chance to help as many women as possible to feel fit, confident and happy. It was a personal mis-sion. And no one, not even her grandparents, could stand in the way of that.

And thus, the Kayla Itsines empire was born and the world-famous, industry-disrupting Sweat app was launched. Pioneering for a healthier approach to fitness and inspiring everyone her influence reached, Itsines soon became an example and an icon in the industry. Her story of struggle, her au-thenticity and her unwavering focus on truly helping her audience were things that everyday people looking for a way to improve their lives could truly relate to.

In March 2016, Time named Kayla one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet, and today she has over 1.7 million Instagram followers. In 2017, the app generated more revenue than any other fitness app on the market, beating both Nike+ and MyFitnessPal. As of 2018, her wealth is observed at around $63 million – a healthy number in anyone’s books

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