Cast the net wide and then reel it back in.

Growing your business organically takes time and patience. The end goal is worth the wait and the reason why it is an arduous process is due to the competitive nature. Everyone wants to minimise costs and increase profits – you wouldn’t be in business otherwise. This competitive nature leads to targeted online advertising and media buying being an integral part of any online marketing strategy.

This form of marketing can be very competitive but don’t let that scare you. The price of a ‘click’ can be driven up with high levels of competition but these clicks can be worth the investment if they are resulting in leads or sales and positively impacting your bottom line. This is why casting the net wide, testing and experimenting often results in the best decisions for your business.

‘Casting the net wide’, is very much targeted advertising. The key to running successful online advertising campaigns is understanding what is working and what isn’t. Of course, at the beginning you need to test different methods because you don’t know what is going to generate success. You may run campaigns for one week, one month or three months – whatever the case – you need enough of a sample size to start determining what mix is the best. All of these campaigns are targeted in their own unique way – it may be through keyword targeting or demographic targeting – and once you have the mix right you can start allocating your investment into the areas that you know are going to grow your business. By the time this sample size has elapsed, you will have the data staring you in the eyes telling you what to do, as opposed to going off gut feel.

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