End-to-end digital strategy really does matter.

Just like anything in life, one needs to follow through from start-to-finish to be successful. Digital marketing is no different.

Knowing your business is one thing, but discerning where potential customers start and finish is vital to your understanding of how the business is performing.

Anyone technically savvy can set up an advertising campaign and feel proud they’ve put their business on the digital map. However, often clicks may go up and eyeballs increase but conversions fail to eventuate, and it is soon evident that the results from the launch are inadequate. This is a red flag.

For example; you spend $1,000 on a Facebook campaign and $1,000 on a Google Ads resulting in just 10 newsletter signups from the website so these should be the next questions you are thinking about:

  • Where did the 10 signups come from?
  • How many came from Facebook?
  • How many came from Google Ads?
  • What performed better?

Once you know the exact answers to these questions you will be able to make informed decisions about future marketing initiatives because you know what works and what doesn’t.

What does end-to-end digital marketing actually mean?

Putting it simply, it is the analysis and understanding of your consumer’s digital journey and path-to-purchase. The journey always has a starting point. It may begin with the click of a banner or a paid Facebook ad taking them to your website. This could then prompt them to make a call, send an email or initiate a download. The next day they come into your store and buy something; that is end-to-end. Now scale this journey; tracking across multiple campaigns and pathways for multiple customers. All of a sudden you see the value in having consolidated data and being able to measure the performance of any marketing initiative. Most importantly, this isn’t a feeling or a guess – it’s knowledge.

It’s easy to assume things are good without really knowing if they are. Identifying how your end-to-end digital strategy is performing is essential. End-to-end digital marketing replaces ambiguity with data-driven knowledge.

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