Don’t underestimate the importance of cyber security and insurance.

A must read for anyone providing services, selling or about to launch online:
One of the most exciting experiences you go through as a business is when you are about to launch your website, app or platform into the world of digital. Likely it has taken many months (sometimes years) of blood, sweat and tears to get to the point where you’re ready to show the world who you are and what you’re about. However, an increasing trend – that is alarming – is the amount of businesses who neglect any type of cyber security to protect their valuable assets from professional cyber criminals. You may be thinking “why would anyone target my product or brand?” or “that doesn’t relate to my business”. The truth is that if you are going to make a dent in your target market – a competitor could pay a hacking team to take you down. This is the unfortunate truth about the world we live in. Anything and everything is fair game (unfair but true) when your business is online. You must protect it and be prepared for the worst.

Everyone is always anxious to go live or release new products/features quickly yet cyber security is one of those things that is put in the ‘too hard basket’, shelved for the next phase or not considered. Cutting these corners can become very costly. Cyber crime should be treated no differently to your home security system, home contents insurance, jewellery, money or electronic devices with email addresses, credit card numbers and private information.

ATM is extremely experienced when it comes to this topic as we were caught on the back foot with one of our platforms many moons ago. We had V2 of a global platform releasing weeks later when boom… the SASS product was hacked just when we had our guard down. The loss and pain still haunts us today yet the experience we gained is priceless. To grow your brand online, we need to protect it and do our due diligence (and yours) to make sure this happens in the safest way possible.

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