Thinking about the direction of your design will lead to higher conversion rates.

If you are going to go the effort to invest in the design of a website, newsletter or an ad, make sure there is creative thinking and direction behind it. In the current digital landscape, creative thinking and direction often leads to higher conversion rates and better business. Websites are frequently designed with little thought and simply ‘tick the box’ by looking great with ‘on-point’ branding. Significantly however, they have one major flaw – they just don’t convert.

Why go to all of the effort to design something that won’t make money? It’s a really good question to ask. Website design is an integral part of any digital marketing and branding strategy.

Acquiring potential customers from the plethora of digital platforms is the first step. This is your first crack at these potentially interested consumers, so making sure the design is creative and well thought out is important.

The next step is where they are going to land – your website. Put yourself in their shoes; if they see a banner ad about your product or service, would they want to land on a website that mirrors the design and is relevant? The answer is yes. So you have caught their eye and they’ve clicked through to your website; now is your best chance to convert them.

What’s the best way to convert someone on my website?

There’s a myriad of techniques used to convert users on your website. Colour, positioning, font size, images, call-to-actions – there are many. The most important thing to remember about designing a website with creative thinking and direction is that you rarely have more than one opportunity to impress. Consumers’ patience is growing thinner so our job as marketers and businesses through digital isn’t getting any easier. Designs must be creative and the direction must be towards how you’re going to convert the highest percentage of users to customers.

Website designs must incorporate your commercial marketing goals and the two must complement each other to generate the best result for your business through digital.

Creative design + direction + thinking = higher conversion rates = better business.

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