There’s content and then there is content.

The theory that ‘content is king’ is evergreen in the world of digital. User-generated content that is engaging, captivating and relevant is a huge recipe for success when trying to execute successful digital strategies and building your brand.

Content marketing is an incredible way to generate followers, traffic and interest online. It’s also a terrific way to generate leads and conversions. Whether it’s on your website or off it, a sound content marketing strategy will always hold you in good stead and lead to long-term growth.

However, there’s content, and then there is content. As the attention span of the current generation grows shorter, there’s a need to capture the attention of those who show interest in your products and services quicker than ever before. Believe it or not, you often have no more than three seconds to capture the attention of someone who has landed on your website. The difference between content that works, and content that doesn’t is huge.

Content marketing can encapsulate many different strategies. It can be content on your website that is SEO-friendly and pairs with the search query the user performed to find you. It may be fresh video content that goes for 20 seconds. It may also be as simple as articles posted on your LinkedIn page. Content is content, but it must be generated and executed well.

Whatever it is, make sure that your content is engaging, readable, captivating and digestible. If you’re ticking these four boxes you are well on your way to funnelling your users into the ‘very interested’ category. Just remember, you have likely spent money to acquire the interest of these customers so don’t let them down by providing content that is likely to see them click the back button or leave for a competitor.

Content will forever be a huge part of any successful digital strategy. Make sure if you’re going to do it, you do it well.

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