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In this body of information, you will find links to complimentary services Anxious To Matter is offering your business. It’s important that you read on.


As we all brace for the full economic impact of C-19, we want you to know we are looking at the services we provide you with and devising plans on what we should modify due to the current business climate. If you are concerned about your business or industry, we urge you to contact us and book a video conference to help us understand the specific impact your business is facing. This will enable us to work through your challenges and potentially find some silver lining within your market.



We are seeing a decrease in some of the sectors our client’s service yet an increase in others given having a strong online presence appears to be the only option to remain relevant. As economic panic sets in and certain industries hibernate immediately, many businesses see a fast yet comprehensive digital transformation as the roadmap to viability. Savvy business owners are in ‘attack mode’ knowing their competitors are retreating due to fear and uncertainty.

During the fallout from 9/11, SARS and the GFC in 2008, leading Analysts show that:

  • Online consumers struggling in a weak economy continue to use the Internet to shop.
  • Researching products actually increases.
  • 91% of online shoppers used the Internet because researching products online made them feel more confident about their purchases.
  • 91% of online buyers announced that comparing prices online reassured them that they were getting the best deal.
  • 54% of online buyers said they search for coupons and discounts online even if they planned to shop offline.
  • Physical retail went backwards by 35% more than online retail and during COVID-19 it’s believed the figures will be far more extreme.


Here are the key marketing questions you need to consider right now: 

  • Do you have the ability to gain market share within your sector while competitors let their guard down?
  • Will competitors be targeting your traffic and customers assuming you may be running for the hills?
  • Will you be competitive when the market comes back into play or will you have to start again?
  • Do you have to reinvent your business model that could utilise a disruptive avant-garde platform or app we already have built that could be customised for you?



Given our staff are located both nationally and internationally, for over a decade our business has run using cloud-based systems to monitor, manage, perform and deliver for clients. We are happy to provide this knowledge to our loyal customers in this time of crisis. The faster you can react – the more likely you can survive and return leaner/primed to make up for lost time when the wider market resurfaces.

We are offering complimentary operations streamlining and/or marketing sessions (clients only) to help our SME’s adapt quickly. 



Anxious To Matter is not just a digital solutions and marketing agency. For 20+ years, we have been providing business strategy, operational optimisation (via cloud solutions) and web platforms/apps that reduce our client’s cost and drive exponential growth.



We have been collaborating with industry leaders in the Cyber space for many years. There are tough new penalties for company directors who suffer a data breach and do not self-report to the authorities. A staggering 80% of businesses that do suffer a Cyber-attack or basic data breach close within 12-months of the breach.

  • Can you establish authentic remote offices for employees?
  • Can you guarantee your customers that their data is safe?
  • Are all of the devices in your organisation secure and following strict data protection protocols?
  • Are you well equipped to expand or reduce your remote workforce securely?
  • Are you ready to defend against opportunistic fear-based cyberattacks?
  • Do you have everything 100% backed up in a secure cloud?
  • Who is in charge of auditing the IT department within your company? Will they report themselves or self-audit?
  • Or would they be prepared to be assisted by an external audit to expose any holes that could ruin your business legacy forever?

For complimentary Cyber Security discussions see our Website and connect with us when you are ready.




The world has already changed. It’s like a bad dream we are all waiting to wake up from. Nobody wants to go through this, but unfortunately, we have to.

In business – the strong will get stronger, and the weak will get weaker. Here are the things you can consider (down the line) for when you are ready for change:

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and secure network access must be enabled for you to run a business online from various locations.
  • Shared storage or remote storage management will reduce your hardware overheads and space requirements.
  • Backups of offsite team member client communications.
  • Staff time tracking / productivity monitoring cloud-ware will provide a huge benefit to many businesses.
  • Could chat bots, AI or live chat help you?
  • Have you set-up marketing automation cloud-ware?
  • Seamless email marketing and communications?
  • Professional video conferencing?
  • Professional documentation of whatever digital platforms you rely on that will require others to use it remotely?
  • Are your digital assets easily explained and well managed in the event a larger entity attempts to acquire your business?
  • Project and team management tools for managers new to managing remote teams will be paramount.

For complimentary strategy re bespoke web solutions see our Website.



Our team is available to help.

Kind regards,

Tyson, Ash, Leith and The ATM Team.

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