A Focused and Obsessed Mindset

Working as a pest exterminator at 300 pounds, David Goggins was making $1000 a month, getting by living pay check to pay check. David had a routine. After his 11pm-7am shift, without fail, he’d treat himself to a chocolate thick shake and box of donuts, popping “donuts like tic tacs”. It wasn’t until David’s tradition of blasting the tv volume while he showered, that he heard his calling. Something that would change his life forever. David “got sick of being haunted by being nobody”. So he decided to become somebody.

‘Navy SEALS. Toughest training’ he heard. It was at that point that David realised he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life hearing about great people doing amazing things. David wanted to feel what he thought they felt, “true accomplishment”. Despite what people thought, David already had military experience, spending four years with the Air Force. Determined to turn his life around, David spent two weeks calling recruiters. One after the other, recruiters laughed at his application and turned down his request. Eventually he got approved, and was told he had to meet the basic physical requirements to proceed. At 6”1’, David, the asthmatic, had to get under 191 pounds, forcing him to lose over 100 pounds. 

David then went on to lose the weight. Exercising regularly and eating as little as he could manage, David went on to lose the weight in three months. Unfortunately for David, this was going to be the easiest part of his journey. Completing SEAL training requires uncompromising determination and unrelenting strength. The program can take applicants up to 30 months, including the infamous ‘Hell Week’ which consists of 130 hours of continuous training. This is considered one of the toughest programs on the planet, testing your mental and physical strength to its utmost limits. Due to suffering from pneumonia and stress fractures, David participated in three gruelling Hell Week’s in one year, failing his first two attempts. Coming out the other side, David believed his change in mindset was the determining factor to making it through. He believes the individuals that are successful and remembered, are the ones that are “focused and obsessed” with their goals. 

In 2005, comrades of David in the Navy SEALS faced a tragic incident in Afghanistan where a mission went horribly wrong. Losing many lives, David – having retired prior to this tragedy – has devoted the rest of his life to raising funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation; a charity that grants full college scholarships to children of fallen warriors, along with financial assistance for the families. Competing in endurance races, David has managed to raise more than $250,000, while also mentoring and conducting motivational speaking seminars. 


“I feel guilty if I haven’t achieved every day”


To this day, David, 45, is the only member of the U.S. armed forces to ever complete training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger and Air Force Tactical Air Controller. He is also a former world record holder for the most pull ups in 17 hours, 4,030. He has completed 60 ultra-marathons, triathlons and ultra-triathlons. Along with becoming the New York Times Bestselling Author with his novel “Can’t Hurt Me”. Goggins believes that he needs to live life day by day, as if he has never accomplished anything. This is what drives him to continue to succeed and create change in the world. He refuses to say “I made it”. David doesn’t believe in ‘completion’, he believes in progress. 

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