Turning His F1 Racing Dream Into Reality

Calan Williams won the Australian Formula 3 at seventeen, emerging from his humble beginnings and establishing himself as a strong candidate for competing at the most elite level. But it soon became apparent that in order to make this aspiration attainable, Williams would have to embody entrepreneurial spirit and devise an innovative strategy to raise the funds to fuel his costly career goals. 

At the age of seven, Williams saved enough money to become a member of Tiger Kart Club, overcoming his first monetary obstacle. Thanks to a fierce work ethic and unstoppable drive, he went on to win junior racing competitions, growing his desire to make a career out of racing. As he entered the professional platform, the extremely high cost of funding a racing career became daunting and potentially career-ending, especially considering the comparatively low compensation drivers receive.


“Everything is ridiculously expensive — things like travel, operating costs of the car, sets of tires, fuel and maintenance of the engine.” 


However, Williams refused to let the series of financial hurdles stop him reaching pole position. Instead, he summoned creative genius and developed a contextually ground-breaking solution to the problem – crowdfunding.Williams launched a pitch inviting his passionate supporters to invest in his racing career, promising to return a huge 50% of his earnings to investors should he succeed in reaching the top level. Fans jumped at the opportunity to support their Australian racing hero in achieving his goals, and today Williams is racing for Fortec Motorsports in the F3 Euroformula Open Winter Series. Both for his punters and himself, this is a high-risk, high-reward scenario.

In 2017, the lowest paid racer in the F1 season earned $185,000, while the highest paid driver, Alonso, earned circa $50 million. Success for Williams could mean giving away half of a healthy livelihood in the first instance, or half of a well-earned fortune in the latter. Williams’ unconventional approach to funding his professional goals reveals not only the sacrifice he is willing to make for a real opportunity to succeed, but also his desire to share his success, both emotionally and economically, with those who share his passion and drive.

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