Hello Siri? Hello Google!

The way that people are searching for your products or services is forever changing. ‘Hello Siri’ is no longer just a gimmick that comes with your iPhone.

Google voice search, Amazon Echo, Siri or Microsoft Cortana – these are all trending voice assistants available on smartphones or tablets. With more people using mobile devices to search, people often find it’s easier to use their voice to search instead of going to ‘all the effort’ to type on their phone. Apparently typing on a phone has become inconvenient.

Interconnectivity between various devices is a thought-provoking part of voice search technology. Being more conversational – voice search queries are also usually longer than traditional keyword search queries. This ties into the modern SEO theory of longer-tailed keyword searches, which gives users a better chance of finding the solution to their query.

The goal of this new voice search trend is to provide the best results for on-the-go searchers. The devices try to find easily recognisable, short and relevant pieces of content to serve back to the searcher. You need to consider areas such as creating/optimising your Google My Business Listing so that your local information is readily available. Also preparing content that is on-the-go friendly such as FAQ’s is a great way to start, as is implementing support or chat functionality that can assist your queries.

User patterns are changing, which means the way your business can be found is also changing. Get excited!

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