Mobile search results are different to standard web search results.

Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. You need your business to appear in mobile search results because more than half of your potential customers are already there waiting for you.

Desktop search results are different to mobile search results.

Google releases an algorithm update (in lemans terms; a change in the way they rank websites) up to 1000 times a year. However, it’s only a few times a year they make broad core algorithm changes; and you should take appropriate action when they’re made. Google has a search engine ranking position (SERP) algorithm purely for smartphones alone. Google doesn’t make moves like this unless it’s important.

It sounds cliché, but smartphone usage is a trend you can no longer ignore. Each year for the past four-to-five years the percentage of smartphone usage has continued to increase whilst simultaneously, desktop usage is becoming prehistoric.

When it comes to advertising, consumer usage and conversion rates – gearing your efforts to ensure the smartphone experience is perfect – is undoubtedly the number one priority for businesses who are determined to see digital success. This ties into the topic of mobile SEO and mobile rankings.

What does this mean? Huge emphasis is now being placed on the performance of websites on smartphones and mobile devices. If you want your website to rank on a smartphone (appear on the first page when a user types in your product or service), the user experience needs to be flawless and engaging.

Countless times we have come across websites that boast terrific rankings when searched for on a desktop, yet lack the exposure in search results on a mobile.

Now with in excess of 80% of people using smartphones as their primary device, that’s where you have to be.

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